It is 2018, and we are entering the second chapter of our PAC story so far.  Wow, what amazing few months!   I am going to share with you quick story about the word ‘WOW’.  Did you know this is the one word that is universal across all languages!  Think about that for a second- now that we have digital currency isn’t it time for a universal internet penny?

Like I said in yesterday’s post, PAC is currently just under 3.5% of its final supply. If you own some PAC you are lucky!  Together, we got PAC here today because this is what happens when people believe and pull behind something that had little or no value months ago when the community relaunched it. We believe in PAC, and as a community we will define PAC’s future together. Let’s remember, we are a decentralized coin, and there is no single point of failure. We will build a system together as you are doing already!  The hurdles we have overcome already to get to this point are amazing!  The story is formidable and is being in these posts. This has all happened at a pace that we cannot sustain right now.

Important note – please be very careful trading PAC against Bitcoin or BTC or coins with a higher valuation – please.  It is very sad how many stories I have gotten from people about this.  As a coin community we will find a solution to this as well later on.  My estimates in my New Year’s Day blog post yesterday were off a little, we are actually at 100,000+ PAC believers and growing at a rapid clip.  Amazing to me how as a community we are quickly discovering uses for PAC and that it really isn’t worthless! Is there enough support for 100 Trillion internet pennies?

There is another HUGE announcement coming shortly that may benefit early HODLERS.  Details are being finalized before it can be consumed. It is in relation to the swap – that is all we can say right now.  But the community will be able to discuss and vote on it soon, this will be fun!

yours truly,

-saul wolf

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