Exchanges and historical growth

List of all exchanges where you can trade PAC and live charts from CryptoCompare.


Methods for obtaining and trading $PAC
~ Please check the current status of the markets on each exchanges directly before using  ~
~ Also make sure to evaluate for use in your region and the Terms of Service for each respectively before use  ~
~ Please study how exchanges function and use wisely with attention to detail   ~

Status Legend

When active, exchanges are actively trading, this doesn’t necessarily mean all markets are trading.

When partial, exchanges may be missing a component such as the no ability to withdraw, or deposit, or trade.

When inactive, exchanges may be down for various reasons and have no working components.

When TBD (To Be Determined), communication is being established with exchanges to sort out status and will be updated as we know.

Number of Exchanges*
Number of Markets*

*  All status below and counts above are done manually, please check the status change date and ALWAYS check the exchange status directly before using.

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