This FAQ will cover most questions asked by people, and will be updated as new questions are asked, and when updates are available for pre-existing questions.

Wallets For Windows users, please use MEGA.NZ Mirror #1

The Redemption Wallet is an update of the old wallet. Think of any software you use that requires a download to update. That’s what this is. The Redemption Wallet will say in “Redemption Wallet” in blue under the PAC logo. It will allow you to insert your new $PAC wallet address into a comment line, so the redemption desk will know where to send your coins after you redeem.

No! They are 2 completely different coins and they are not compatible. It’s the same principle as to why you can’t send BTC to an ETH wallet. You will lose your coins.

For Windows: Press the Windows Key + R together. Search for %appdata% and press Enter. Make sure you are in the Roaming folder, and locate the paccoin folder. Inside the paccoin folder, you will find all your .dat files associated with your wallet.
For MAC: ~/Library/Application Support/paccoin

For the old/Redemption Wallet, you will need to encrypt your wallet first by clicking on Setting > Encrypt Wallet. You will be asked to create a passphrase. This is your wallet password. To unlock click on Help > Debug Window > Console Tab. In the console, type the following:

walletpassphrase yourpassphrasehere 9999999

To unlock the new $PAC wallet, you will need to encrypt your wallet. Same process as the old wallet above. Then click on settings, and click on Unlock Wallet.

You can find the wallet addresses to send to here:
WARNING! Do not send your coins to anyone that gives you an address. Only copy and paste them from the website. No member of the PAC/$PAC team will give out the addresses personally. They will always refer you to the website. If anyone says, “send them here” and gives you an address, do not trust it. Even if it is exactly the same as what is on the website, always copy/paste from the website just to be safe.

This is quite common with staking rewards, and from withdraw requests from exchanges. With the exchanges, a lot of people’s coins got stuck when the wallets broke on Yobit and Cryptopia. Your wallet shows them incoming, but they never arrive. Some people got their coins once Yobit wallets were fixed. Many others did not. There is a rewind bug in the old PAC blockchain, that will rewind a transaction, essentially eating it. That transaction is gone, but it still leaves a trace that it was there at one time. Many people were/are affected by this during the time their coins were stuck between Yobit/Cryptopia and their desktop wallets. That same bug also affects stake rewards periodically.


Masternodes make up the network. We need to build the network so the coin will be able to move once it goes live on exchanges.

It has already started!

The redemption process will last a little over 1 year to allow everyone to get their coins swapped. Though the longer you wait, the lower the amount of new $PAC you will receive in trade for your old PAC. From now through May 31st, you can redeem for 1000:1. June 1st – Aug 31st is 2000:1. Sept 1st – May31st 2019 is 4000:1. Please follow the directions very closely!

Cryptopia wallets are broken. You can not deposit or withdraw your PAC. Cryptopia is assisting us with the PAC/$PAC redemption, and they will redeem your coins for you. So just leave them alone, and cancel any PAC sell orders, as they will not be redeemed if they are tied up in process.

Anytime between now and March 1st. They have not given us a specific date on when they plan to start.

No. Only Cryptopia is assisting us with the redemption.


It’s still being worked on, although our primary focus is on the redemption. Our resources are spread thin due to the redemption process, and we want to ensure that everything goes smoothly, before we turn our attention back to the multiple other projects we have lined up.

PACdirect must now adhere to some recently added financial regulations before we are allowed to offer direct payments for $PAC from the website. These should be addressed shortly, and we want our community to view this as a positive. We want PACdirect to be 100% transparent both legally and in the eyes of the consumer before it is launched.


Cryptopia is scheduled to go live on Feb 17th. Yobit was scheduled for Feb 10th, but due to communication issues with Yobit, the process is going slower than we would like it to. When they have everything ready to go live, we will make the announcement.

We have submitted applications for $PAC on 28 exchanges. We will make announcements when the exchanges accept us.


Yes. We have a tutorial for how to use NiceHash to mine $PAC –


Yes. We are setting up a support desk to handle reimbursements to those who lost coins due to the bug, and for those whose coins were lost while the exchange wallets were broken. Please keep all records of your transactions. Screenshot your transaction ID’s, dates and amounts. When the support desk goes live, we will need those screenshots to verify the transactions, and to be able to refund the right amount of coins.

There are many people out there impersonating us, and trying to scam people out of their PAC/$PAC. We have made many announcements regarding those people, and how to spot them, as well as being very clear and precise about where to get the specific addresses to use for the redemption, and not to trust anyone giving out addresses.

With that said, there were some people that still got scammed by someone impersonating the PAC_HelpDesk with an identical looking name. They used a capital i in Help. So it appeared that the official PAC_HelpDesk was assisting people, only to end up scamming them. Those people affected by the impersonator will be reimbursed via the same method as those affected by the rewind bug. All others who did not take precautions against scams will not be reimbursed.

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