The PAC team

The PAC team is comprised of a decentralized network of individuals with experience across a broad range of financial, blockchain development, business management and digital marketing backgrounds. Our team is truly global boasting one of the largest reaching networks in the cryptospace.

Directors of the 4C´s


Drew Saunders

Drew Saunders' Passion for PAC is driven by the goal of ensuring the PAC blockchain product is a capable sturdy showcase of blockchain technology capabilities. Growing the network and constantly exploring ways to scale the PAC network is a never ending improvement cycle, but one that will continue to show the strength of the PAC chain and the minds behind it.


Brad Marsh

Brad is a former Creative Director for an award winning digital marketing and branding agency in the UK. Brad has run creative campaigns for Nissan, Toyota, Siemens & Hytera UK respectively.


Robin Matthes

Robin envisions $PAC becoming the #1 charity donor worldwide by sponsoring $PAC directly to those in need through a versatile model tailored to the teleological purpose of each and every one of its beneficiaries.


Koen Peters

For me, $PAC is a dynamic community where each member has their own unique talents. A dynamic, adaptive and holistic attitude is the result. My goal is to grow $PAC into the world's largest interactive community.

Board of Directors

CEO, Summit Blockchain

Tim M. Betts

Mr. Betts has served as CEO and Director of the Company since its inception in July 2018.

Early in his career he was a Senior Research Analyst for a Taiwan-based Venture Capital firm, SKY Capital Partners, that made numerous investments in computer and information technology companies. Mr. Betts was featured on Undercover Boss on CBS (Season 7/Episode 4). He received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

VP of Structured Finance at top 5 Global Financial Institution

John Keeyo

As a seasoned financial veteran professional with a career that spans the disciplines of structured finance, mezzanine finance, and asset/portfolio management, John has the better part of 20 years working for a number of the world’s top 5 global financial institutions, where he currently serves in an executive level position for one of the largest international institutions. Most recently, but prior to his work with our leadership team, John has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

CEO, Radiologex & Blockchain Asset Group

George Tyler

George Tyler currently serves as the CEO of Blockchain Asset Group and Radiologex. In addition, he also holds the title of Vice President of Operations, and General Manager of Technology Services. George Tyler is a seasoned technology professional, with a number of successful entrepreneurial endeavors, proven expertise, and demonstrated success throughout nearly all of his professional endeavors, mainly, having spent over 23 years in the Radiology industry, handling large scale MRI and CT equipment sales/service/and buildouts of imaging centers and Hospital radiology departments. As a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, George Tyler’s startups maintain high-stakes valuations, with many of them reaching into the multi-millions.

Treasury Department

Michael A.

Michael is constantly creating new avenues for $PAC to expand its operations effectively. He has been a part of setting up Translation, Charity, Public Relations, and Treasury departments. He is constantly looking for the next component to help set $PAC apart from other projects.


Sean Ridgley

As the digital asset industry continues to grow, Sean's goal is to set $PAC apart as a leader in balancing the freedom to innovate with recognizing genuine regulatory concerns.


Steve Burt

Background in Programming and Technical Engineering.
Oversees Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, Steemit, and Facebook and other social network platforms.

US Ambassador to PAC

Jason Corle

A blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast with a background in digital advertising and branding. Jason worked for AT&T Interactive where he designed digital advertising campaigns that included SEO, SEM, Branding, Behavioral Targeting as well as promoting YellowPages.com as an advertising vessel for retailers. Jason has extensive Management experience in the Automotive Industry where he served as the Service Director at All American Ford for 5 years before transitioning to an Executive position in the franchise as the Fleet Director for their North Jersey dealerships. He is currently an advisor for the Washington Elite Summit headed by Bruce Porter, which promotes blockchain technologies and the impact they are having on finance as well as society as a whole.

Senior moderator


Location: United States (US)
Senior Software Engineer with experience in building large scale distributed systems for the military and fintech with 25 yrs in the industry.
Dijida provided an expansive Masternode setup instructions along with many other contributions to the $PAC network.



Danny Frod


Joel Lunenfeld

Former Vice President for Global Brand Strategy at Twitter, founder and CEO of Moxie interactive and now the founder at Guardian Gyms.


Chris Gomersall

Former Creative Strategy lead at Facebook, now CEO and founder at Atomized the ultimate content visualization company for brands and marketers.

Regional Ambassadors

Africa Regional Ambassador

Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal (Juwon123)

A blockchain And cryptocurreny advocate | President of Dashcart.app| Blockchain Events Speaker | Developer. Keynote speaker in more than 30 conferences and meet-up - One of the first evangelists on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in Nigeria. Having worked with several crypto projects, including Dash for three years, my aim is to see PAC coin wildly used in Africa starting with Nigeria.

Help Wanted


$PAC Team is looking for talented individuals to take charge in many of the different teams. If you are interested in helping please contact Brad below, or the department heads in the corresponding section.


This team is a resource that helps bring all of $PAC, maintaining communication and collaboration.
Most of members of this team help in many aspects of $PAC and can be seen across our social platforms.
They provide help to our global community, assisting growth and function to all the $PAC network.


Ian F (Fozzy)

Ian has contributed in many aspects of the $PAC network and project. He is responsible for many elaborate bots in our Discord and also a member of the Community Development team with his expansive technical knowledge.



Location: United States (US)
Also part of the Community Contributors and the Web Development Team. Bearro has worked on a Masternode troubleshooting script, and many aspects of improving $PAC



Location: United States (US)
Also part of the Community Contributors group. Viking is responsible for making a making a series of $PAC monitoring apps.


(HR - AT)




Linekiller28 (USA)











Community Contributors

These individuals are excellent example of decentralized development.
Mostly, they operate separate the Core PAC team while collaborating where needed to improve $PAC.
They provide stellar features to improve the whole $PAC ecosystem, while keeping the decentralized aspect.

Independent Developer


Responsible for revolutionizing monitoring of our network and hosting an essential monitoring site linked below. He has been involved in many innovations within the $PAC network, not limited to monitoring.

Community Fund Operator


Responsible for developing and managing a Mini PAC Fund which give the community funding opportunity for small scale projects with the potential to evolve to large scale ones. Please see a link to the fund below.

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