To compile and run PacCoin on Linux we recommend that you download a Virtual OS on your computer to run Linux.  If you are new to virtualization don’t be scared!  It is actually pretty easy!

  1.  Enable virtualization support on your system – it usually is not turned on by default.  This will allow you to run a 64-bit version of PacCoin virtually.
  2. Download virtualbox from here:  DOWNLOAD VIRTUALBOX
  3. Install virtual box and you will see the screen to the right ->
  4. Now – download this version of Ubuntu16.04 here:  UBUNTU VM DOWNLOAD
  5. You will need 7zip decompression program here to uncompress:  7zip DOWNLOAD
  6. Decompress the virtual machine that you downloaded and this will be the drive you add to your machine when you configure it
  7. Now click on NEW virtual machine after starting VirtualBox
  8. Choose as much memory as you can – at least 2048

10.  Now start the virtual machine and it should load and give you a login screen.  Type for the root password you should see this screen: 

11.  You will want to click in the top left corner and get a terminal window and type:  sudo su – and then enter to get a root prompt

12.  Now you are ready to clone the “git” source and compile a headless PacCoin node.

13.  Type:

apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev
sudo apt-get install libqrencode-dev qt4-dev-tools qt4-qmake libqt4-dev git
sudo apt-get install libdb++-dev

14.  Download the paccoin repository

cd ~
git clone paccoin

This will create a directory called “paccoin” and copy the files into it.

15.  Next we’re going to compile the programs.

cd paccoin/src
make -f makefile.unix

16.  This will generate the headless paccoind file. (rpc commands can be made from the terminal ie. “./paccoind help”)

Run this by using the following command


17.  The file should end and state that an rpcuser and rpcpassword needs to be added. By running this you have now created a hidden directory located at ~/.paccoin.

  • Enter that directory.

cd ~/.paccoin

nano paccoin.con

17.  Using a text editor create your file paccoin.conf and change the rpcuser and rpcpassword for security reasons cut and paste the contents from here:  PACCOIN.CONF

Save this file.

  • Now you’re ready to compile and run your wallet.

cd ~/paccoin

You should see the file paccoin-qt which you can execute by double clicking on it in file manager. This is your wallet GUI


paccoin-qt &

This will allow the UI to run in the foreground if you close the terminal window.  Enjoy your Linux PacCoin wallet!

It is also recommended that you change the passphrase to something you can remember. If you lose your passphrase there is no way to get it back and you will lose any money in your wallet, so be careful.



When you run the QT client the error message above can be ignored – it is harmless.

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