Note: This Mac Wallet only works with MacOS versions 10.12.x and up, due to a long-standing issue with Qt Wallets.

Installation Instructions:

  •  Download the PACcoin Mac Wallet by one of the mirrors to the right
  •  Then click on it once downloaded to unzip it.

  • Install paccoin-Qt.dmg file (Open dmg and just move the pac coin icon to the applications folder). This will start copying the synced blockchain and save you weeks of syncing time. This should take a few mins, so be patient

  • Go to “Applications” folder and right click on the Paccoin-qt and click open. Make sure that the application name showing is “Paccoin-qt”, otherwise you might run into trouble.

  • Wait for a few minutes while it verifies “Paccoin-qt”

  • You will get a warning, so just click at “Open” to continue.

  • Wait for the wallet to be synced, this might take a few minutes depending on your internet connection and total of active connections. Mouse over on the WIFI icon to get status info.

  • Enjoy!


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