Have you been POS’ing and now your paccoin wallet balance is out of sync with the PacCoin explorer?  Well, don’t worry, you can rebuild your wallet using the following procedure.

REMEMBER THIS – YOUR PRIVKEY MAKES YOUR COINS ACCESSIBLE ON ANY PACCOIN WALLET!  KEEP IT SAFE.  Basically we are going to take an empty wallet.dat file and recreate your coins in that file.

  1. In your wallet click on RECEIVE COINS and copy your first transaction ID to your clipboard.  (highlight it and right-click and choose copy)
  2. Click on HELP -> DEBUG WINDOW -> CLICK ON CONSOLE TAB.  You will see the following window:
  3. Type->   dumpprivkey (paste your transaction ID here)
  4. Your private key should now be shown below.

Your private key or privkey is VERY important!  Do not share it with anybody.  Write it down and keep it in a safe place.  This key unlocks your coins on the blockchain.  If somebody were to get this key they could steal all your PacCoins.



5.  Now that you have your privkey copy and paste it to your clipboard and close your paccoin wallet – do this for every transaction or receive coins ID in your wallet.

6.  Stop and close out your PacCoin wallet

7.  Now we are going to rename our wallet.dat file to wallet.old -or something different

8.  Restart your PacCoin wallet you will see no coins and a zero balance.  Don’t panic!  Now we will reimport your privkeys from above.  This created an empty wallet.dat file so we can rebuild/rescan your coins.

9.  go to HELP->DEBUG->CONSOLE again in your paccoin wallet.

10.  Type importprivkey (paste your privkey here)

11.  Now your key should have been added to your fresh wallet and you should see it under RECEIVE COINS.

12.  Now close you paccoin wallet and browse to your C:\users\username\appdata\roaming\paccoin folder and press <shift> and right click your mouse and choose open command prompt here – we want to restart paccoin-qt.exe and tell it to rescan.

13.  Now type paccoin-qt.exe /rescan and press enter – your wallet will take a while to rescan and add your coins

14.  Your wallet will now reload and rescan the blockchain and check your privkey against all the blocks and add your transactions to your wallet and recalculate your balance.



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