PAC's four C's


PAC stands for the “People’s Alternative Choice” a new form of Internet Currency.  Having a choice in an alternative store of value promotes internet commerce and fosters innovation.  The huge burden of current rules and regulations destroy the innovation within the current business economy.  We see this today in civil lawsuits for millions of dollars.  We also see a legal system that is fracturing under its own lack of clear choices.  PAC is going back to the grassroots – where systems evolve from great ideas and innovative energy.  This PAC system will enable resources to solve and find solutions -vs- getting stalled in legal conflicts. 


In the middle of the PAC economy PAC becomes the primary medium of exchange.  Content now becomes one of the vehicles that is exchanged as a value.   An example of this would be a service marketplace where people would be looking to purchase new branding for their business, or an intro video explaining their offerings. will house this marketplace where these digital products can be sold via $PAC to others in the community.  The real-world analog or example of this type of system is


Communities come together and provide support to solve and identify problems throughout the PAC economy.  We have discovered the beginning of a social governance framework that will enable our social network to evolve into a problem-solving machine.  The complexities of managing a decentralized community will be challenging – but not impossible.  The goal will be to discover proposals for the $PAC economy and promote them to the master-nodes for final approval and resource allocation.


Charitable focus is another cornerstone of the PAC economy.  Charitable focus is a fundamental value of many of the problems in our day-to-day lives that can be solved easily in a community environment.  The community continually grows in its ability to help charitable causes as people discover together the benefit of functional charitable economy.  Charitable focus will always be the “foundational fabric” of the PAC ecosystem.  Many brands will want to help support the PAC system as they align their brands to support interests of both parties.  We will have a charitable crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter on to build this charitable PAC platform.

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