PACcoin has a great community of volunteers that is growing daily and that are willing to work hard to make sure things are done right. This is the same with the Dev Team which is a group of mainly volunteers and a few core guys are that willing to work long hours and weekends.  I am very proud of them.  We have grown much faster than we had anticipated so scaling projections have been factored into our launch schedule.  Some of us are now transitioning to PAC full-time if possible, including myself.

We are currently working around the clock (literately around the clock as we have volunteers from everywhere in the world) to deliver on several projects within the next 2 to 4 weeks. Next, I would like to give you a quick summary of how we are prioritizing our work and I hope that this will answer some of your questions.

Things that we are NOT prioritizing:

• We are not spending much time fixing current PACcoin issues such as the window wallet issues on some versions, as this will go away soon. It is a hard decision but the best decision based on the limited time and resources, and a genuine interest to deliver a new PAC that is superior.
• We are not spending lots of time in Discord answering questions. The community has grown so much and so fast that it is simply impossible for us to spend time answering questions, as this would-be time that is very critical to deliver the projects on time and with quality. We are very fortunately that as a community that many of you have stepped up to help in this regard.  We are monitoring this, and we do check in when we can.

Things that we are currently working on as a high priority:

• PacFyle Project: This will be the PAC community’s main communication vehicle and entry point for users. We are planning on delivering the Alpha version on January 15th, 2018, which consists of several features such as Multi-language support and a Forum to replace Discord. After that, we are planning on delivering several features every month until we have a feature rich platform – more details on this during future blogs. Emma is the lead engineer working on this with help from volunteers.

Here is a very old version of the site. Unfortunately, when I was writing this blog the site was down for an upgrade, but I just wanted to show some of the progress…

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • reddit

New PAC: The plan is to deliver the new PAC in the first half of February 2018, mainly for early redemption to allow for people to create Masternodes to support the network when we go live on March 1st 2018. This is massive project that consists of several modules owned by different lead engineers and supported by volunteers.

  • Kainreih is leading the forking effort, making sure we have the right parameters and a secure network that works
  • Cryptocashman is leading the Block Explorer and Mining Pool efforts – YES, we will have several mining pools that you can join for mining.
  • Nets is leading the Masternode effort. Making sure it works properly and writing the documentation that explains how to set the up.
  • Dev_fsc is leading the Wallet efforts, making sure to compile support for all platforms and working with volunteers to finalize the wallet designs.
  • Elmora is leading the DNS Seed efforts

Here is an example with a working network (still work in progress):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • reddit

• PAC Redemption: We are currently working with an external company to help with the PACcoin Redemption – coming February 2018. We are currently writing a few scripts and creating a simple website to make sure everything is 100% transparent and allow you to know at any given time where your coins are in the process. We are also planning to have a ticketing system where you can submit issue or queries – to achieve all this we are planning to have a dedicated team resolving issues and another team taking care of the redemption through a manual process. For a period of 3 months, we are planning on having a total of 20 people handling the redemption process – YES this is a big effort.

Starting sometime next week, we’ll reach out to this great PAC community to help us test the network and pacfyle.

PACcoin community, as you can see there are a lot of moving pieces and lots of volunteers helping with the different efforts. I know that at time you might get the feeling that the Dev Team is working in isolation in some dark corner, but the reality is that there is a lot of communication, coordination and sleepless nights that goes into delivering on this FUN project – I am personally loving it!


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