Web Team Proposal

A request to the current Masternode Holders to support ongoing projects performed by the PAC_200 Web Team

Web Team Budget

To approve the budget ( 1,000,000 PAC_200 )

    • Open your $PAC core wallet and under Tools click Debug Console
    • Copy and paste the command below:
    gobject vote-many ce7f4ebdf62d452c1ee72cd6e6d5b15ab1f73254bbb323183cf7cc87d4f0f5ea funding yes
    • Press Enter and it should record your votes.

Background of the Web Team Lead

I am a partner of a medium-sized SEO Agency in Germany tasked with all forms of website development, including several regional and large platforms. My main focus lies in the Web Development and SEO optimization area.
My last project for the community has been the development of the official Masternode Landing and Guide Page https://masternodes.paccoin.net

Discord: @Lostintime#2827

Web Team Members (Discord):
@Bearro (US)#1284

The Web Teams proposal will pay for ongoing projects, new features, tasks, SEO and cover expenses of tools/services.

Maintenance of all $PAC Platforms

    • Ongoing maintenance of the $PAC Platforms ( paccoin.net, wallets.paccoin.net, masternodes.paccoin.net, blog.paccoin.net and more to come).
    • Ongoing updates to all of the $PAC platforms to make sure new visitors/investors gets the newest updates about $PAC.
    • Ongoing updates on new exchanges.
    • Ongoing hosting and maintenance of the projects with staging environments to keep a secure setup.
    • Ongoing add of new features to the $PAC Platforms and make it more content rich.
    • Ongoing development of the User interface and User experience.
    • Keeping the PAC Platforms responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop.
    • Ongoing content updates.

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Monitoring Google Analytics for the platforms to keep track of our traffic and get an idea of what we need to improve.
  • We are going to license several agency-level Tools to optimize our SEO strategy, user experience /user journey and content strategy, as are used in my partner SEO agency. This will result in not more qualified traffic and conversions from new visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimization for Google. To increase the monthly organic reach of new visitors ( Potential investors ) on the $PAC Platforms.
    At the moment $PAC receives 12,5k monthly organic visitors with a traffic value of 240$ because of the keywords PAC rank on. This would be improved with SEO.
    • Ongoing linkbuilding – Intern and extern – Getting new links from strong domains to get more traffic and a higher domain rating.
    • Keyword analysis – So we know what organic traffic we’re aiming.
    • Ongoing On-page SEO and technical Off-page SEO.
    • Rank tracking of the keywords so we follow the monthly development of the new keywords.
    • Speed optimization.
    • Optimize the $PAC SERP to increase the awareness.
    • Content creation and content plan.
    • Expenses to tools and services.
    • Improvement of the $PAC brand on Google.
  • Technical Optimizations to meet Google´s Pagespeed Guidelines
  • OnPage Optimization
  • Develop and conduct a Keyword and Content Strategy

Further Development

  • Adding new sections/features to the web platforms. We are going to collect Feedback from the community and add new requested features if approved by the team
  • There are still a lot of unannounced projects/features but they’re not all ready to be disclosed yet
  • In the medium-term, we are going to do another relaunch of the $PAC Website including sub-projects that are currently hosted on subdomains on the main platform. The new platform will be a custom coded template to radically improve performance and flexibility of future developments. The community will invited to participate in concept discussions. 

Please vote

We look forward to continuing to develop PAC_200 for you!

Thanks for your support so far.

- The PAC_200 Web Team

If you have any features you would like to see added then go send a mail to [email protected]

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